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Try Belief for 20 Days, Risk-Free! Free Will! Or your Atheism Back, Guaranteed!

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Select a talisman, be it a particular piece of jewelry, or a rock in your pocket (so long as it is something that stays perceivably close to your body throughout the day). Put it on the altar of your bathroom sink each morning and night, blessing it with your focus as you brush your teeth. Brush your teeth deliberately and devotedly, with your full attention upon the talisman in a practice of presence. After charging the talisman with your energy in the morning, keep it close,  and let it be a frequent reminder of your intentional make-believe in God. Each time you notice it, consciously breathe in, breathe out, and make a silent prayer, however you wish. It can be a moment of appreciation or gratitude, a quiet offering of forgiveness, or an opportunity to ask for help – for yourself or for others. Treat your unique talisman like the most precious object in your possession. At night, rest it upon your bedside notebook with a promise to pick up the practice again tomorrow.  

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(STEP#1)  /  (STEP#2)  /  (STEP#3)

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